Floor Flange

Floor Flange

A floor flange is a fixture used in plumbing, construction, and home fixtures to achieve structural, sanitary, and decorative fixtures. Floor flanges consist of a flat disc equipped with several mounting holes and a hollow-shaped socket in construction elements. The disc is bolted or screwed to the floor through the column and mounting holes.

Floor flanges can be made of two major materials: plastic or metal or a combination of the two. A commonly used plumbing and construction fitting the floor flange secures columns, sanitary ware, beans, and poles to the floor of the buildings. Plumbing flanges penetrate the floor while construction flanges mount flush on the floor surface, creating mounting points between sanitary fixtures and wastewater pipe systems or soil.

What are the different types of flanges?

There are several types of flanges for different functions in a construction fixture, but the standards ones include:

Wall flange

Also known as a crest, a wall flange is a bracket or base with a threaded or plain collar designed to act as a terminal fitting to attach and support pipes, fencing, railings, duck with, and any related material to the wall. Wall flanges can be used for various projects, either outdoors or indoors, based on the particular type in use.

 Pipe floor flange

This is a common category of pipe connections that are commonly used to secure two pipes together mechanically. Additionally, it can be used to mechanically attach a fitting to a valve, choke, or tee.

Threaded flange

Also called a screwed flange, a threaded rim has a thread inside the flange bore that fits with a matching male thread on the fitting or pipe. You only need to match the threading to the fitting that you wish to connect.

Gas flange

A gas flange is a flange that connects pipes that are used in transporting gases.

Metal flanges

A metal flange is a cast or forged ring of metal designed to mechanically attach or join sections of pipe or pipe to a pump, valve, or pressure vessel.

Iron floor flange

An iron floor flange is a malleable iron fitting specifically designed to hold two pipe lengths, nipples, or join different poles together and direct the flow of liquid or gas-based in its application. It is equipped with standard iron pipe threads and grooved ends that allow the pipe to enter the fitting easily.

Copper floor flange

A copper floor fitting is a pipe used for installing different types of pipes. They are commonly used in supplying cold and hot water in domestic water supply channels.

Black pipe flange

Black pipe floor flanges allow for a secure connection to the wall or floor. They transport grease, LP gases, lubricant, fuel, and oil.

Plumbing flange

A plumbing flange is a piping that joins components in a plumbing system. It is a disc, ring, or collar that connects to a pope to offer increased support for strength and block off a pipeline.

The Black pipe floor flange

A black pipe floor flange is a flange that allows for secure connections. These pipes are black.

1/2 floor flange bulk

This type of floor flange comes in ten packs for various projects. They have a wide application from furniture pipe fitting to DIY home projects.

1-inch floor flange

This floor flange allows for a secure piping connection to the floor or wall. They are used to conveying compressed air, potable water, and drainage or for DIY projects. It consists of galvanized iron construction with a zinc alloy.

Brass toilet flange

A brass toilet flange secures the toilet on the floor and prevents it from any issues while using. In addition, the flange between the drain pipe and toilet drain ensures the system is a secure and durable product. Alongside the brass toilet flange, other useful items such as a solid brass toilet bolt set and toilet screw set with bolts are used to ensure the system is okay.

Square tube flange

A square tube flange is used as a rigid part to join two items such as pipelines, ensuring medium flow efficiency. Their shapes are a form of a square and secure pipes on the floor.

2-inch floor flange

These floor flanges are designed to bound 2-inches pipes in size and are mostly used in pipes transporting gases and oil. Most of them are made of metal materials and applied to industrial usage.

PVC Flange lowes

Mostly, PVC flange lowes are designed to connect water closet outlets during plumbing. These parts flush with the floor to ensures the installation is firm and durable. They are made differently in both sizes and materials.

What is a screwed flange?

Also known as threaded flanges, a screwed flange is a flange with a thread inside often used for a smaller diameter and high-pressure requirements. They are threaded in a bore that matches an external thread on a pipe. They are used with pipes with external threads. These flanges are beneficial as they can be attached easily without necessary welding.

What is an NPT flange?

NPT stands for National Pipe Taper. NTP is a threaded connection used by the US standard for all valve threads and piping. Its threads pull the valve closer to the pipe during connection, unlike the threading on a standard lock. This helps create an extra fluid-tight tape that is why most pipe applications use this kind of connection. NPT is used to estimate the thread diameter physically. These connections depend on thread deformation, which is a metal-to-metal sealing design in which threads of the same connectors form together.

What is a flange fitting used for?

Proper installation is required when it comes to plumping, which is achieved by using the right application. Particularly, in large plumbing associated with high pressure, flange fittings are needed. Unlike traditional hydraulic fitting types, flange fittings provide comprehensive benefits. For example, in larger applications such as OD, the most used pipe joints or component ports are flange fittings which are easily installed, unlike threaded adapters or fittings. Therefore, flanges fittings play an important role. Here are the most uses for flange fitting;

  • Tightening spaces where wrenches can not have a space
  • Used to eliminate adapters needed in hose line, pipe, and tube installation. In other words, they are used where flexibility is required on the component to be connected.
  • They are used to connect large pipes, tubes, or hoses that encounter high pressure, shock, and vibration.
  • They are used to avoid or minimize loosening in rigorous hydraulic applications.
  • Flange fittings are used where regular inspection is required around rigid lines.


No construction or home fixture will be complete without a floor flange. A floor range is a commonly used plumbing and construction fitting that secures sanitary ware, beams, poles, and columns to the building’s floor. There are several floor flanges, including wall flange, had flange, and metal flanges, among others.


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